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  • Some stakeholders invited on a special school day.
  • The School Choir: voices of harmony.
  • Regular student-forums for 'free' debates is a heavy part of our peer learning.
  • The students of Great AKUSS are trained to understand and also to practice unity that breaks barriers.
  • Classroom blocks.
  • Our roots: cultural and traditional expressions, is also part of our education.
  • The school's cadet gets busy for the Head's inpection.
  • Without prior notification, the School Football team is asked to pose with the Head. "Anyway, we are ever ready; trophy is our game."
  • From the entrance of the school, it is convincing that Great AKUSS has the serenity that promotes student attainment.
  • Our entertainment nights are full of varieties.
  • The administration block.

Welcome to Akumadan Senior High School Website. Akumadan Senior High School is situated in the Ashanti Region ...  Read More of the Head's message.

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