Nana Chairman, Hon. Regional Minister, Hon. Member of Parliament, Offinso North, Hon. District Chief Executive, Offinso North, Regional Director of Education, Ashanti, District Director of Education, Offinso North, Members of the School Governing Board, the Executive and members of the Parent Teacher Association,  Reviewing Officer of the Cadet Corps, the Clergy, Nananom, Distinguished Invited Guest, Colleague Teachers, Past and Present Students, Ladies and Gentlemen, I deem it a great honour and privilege to welcome you to this important ceremony in the life of our beloved Great Akuss.

Nana Chairman, permit me to begin my address by giving you a brief history of Akumadan Senior High School.

Akumadan Senior High School was founded following an emergency meeting convened by the late Akumadanhene, Nana Kofi Nti, the late Kofi Petoa and Mr. Ben Dapaah on 12th December, 1975 to discuss matters affecting the education of the young ones who fail to gain admission to secondary schools in nearby communities after successfully passing their Common Entrance Examination due to limited vacancies in those schools. It was therefore resolved during the meeting that a secondary school be established in Akumadan to address the educational needs of the young ones.

Nana Chairman, the school was started on 1st September, 1976 with fifty (50) boys and thirty-eight (38) girls making a total population of 88 students. Both genders were housed in a rented premises owned by Opanin Akwasi Boateng (a.k.a. Praise God) and Madam Akua Fowaa. Later on, the boys were moved to Eno Abenaa Anhwere’s house behind the Police Station. Mrs. Dapaah, the late Mr. Agyepong and Mr. K. Oduro Baah were very instrumental in the establishment of the school. The school was also absorbed into the public system by the government on the very year it was established.

Nana Chairman, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the first headmaster of the school was Mr. Goegoe and he was followed by Messer’s Benson, Foakwa, S.O. Boahen, and Boateng. Under the headship of Mr. P.J. Aguri Amanfo, the students were moved to the current premises in 1993.  Mr. Aguri Amanfo was succeeded by Rev Collins Oppong-Anane in 1998.  Rev Collins Oppong-Anane is credited with major improvements in terms of infrastructure and enrolment figures. He was succeeded by my good self in 2009 and with the support of my able lieutenants and staff, the following modest success has been achieved;

Construction of fence wall and security post at the main entrance

Construction of a six unit classroom block through the assistance of the PTA

Construction of a three storey boys dormitory by Getfund

Construction of a three bedroom staff quarters by Getfund

Construction of Headmasters bungalow through internally generated funds

Construction of a sick bay with a resident nurse to attend to sick students

Refurbishment of the ICT Lab with modern computers

Supply of a 33-seater Eicher bus by the Getfund to mention but a few.

Nana Chairman, Hon. Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, on the field of academics, the school continues to record impressive performance in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. General Science has been added to the programmes studied in the school and the first batch of students pursuing science would graduate next year.

Nana Chairman, the enrolment of the school has grown consistently and currently the enrolment of the school stands at ……..with a teaching staff of eighty seven (87). It is significant to note, Nana Chairman that all my teaching staff are well qualified graduates with many years experience as teachers and WAEC examiners.

Nana Chairman, Hon. Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, in spite of the above modest achievements, the school is saddled with many challenges notable among them are;

Inadequate staff accommodation: The few staff members who are currently accommodated on campus can only be described as squatting since a bungalow originally intended for two people is currently being occupied by six to eight people. The provision of more decent accommodation for the staff would help in proper monitoring of the students, especially during the night. I therefore call for support to enable us complete the four-unit staff quarters that has been abandoned for the past nineteen years.

Lack of an Administrative Block: Nana Chairman, the absence of an administrative block has resulted in the fragmentation of the various offices as the headmasters’ office; those of his assistants, the accounts department, library, the staff common room and the bookshop are all housed in separate structures that can best be described as hen coops, making administrative work very cumbersome. The construction of an administrative block would promote efficiency in the performance of administrative functions.

Lack of an Assembly Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, the absence of an Assembly Hall is seriously impacting on the social and religious life of the students as the dining hall now doubles as the place for entertainment and church service. I therefore appeal for the provision of an Assembly Hall to lessen the burden on the dining hall and also guarantee the safety and hygiene of food served at the dining hall.

 Student indiscipline: Nana Chairman, indiscipline among students, especially students from outside the community who choose to stay in rented premises as day students and attend classes late and leaves classes before close of school is a major headache to the school administration. Similarly, the trooping of students to town during break time is also an issue of concern to the school management. The inauguration of the army cadet today would therefore go a long way to help addressed the issue of indiscipline among the students as they tend to understand the language of their own colleagues.

Transportation: Ladies and gentlemen, transportation was one area that the school was very handicapped, spending hundreds of Ghana cedis to hire public transport whenever the school was going out for a program or sporting activity. Thanks to the PTA, the transportation problem would be partially solved after the handing over of this beautiful bus to the school by the PTA. Like Oliver Twist, I would only ask for more.

Nana Chairman, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the avowed aim of management to continue to improve on the academic, infrastructural and sporting prowess of the school to make it a model Senior High School in the Offinso North District.

 On this note, Nana Chairman, on behalf of the Board of Governors, the Parent Teacher Association, Management of the School and on my own behalf I wish to commend the Parent Teacher Association for their invaluable contribution towards the running of the school and especially, the donation of this beautiful bus.

Nana Chairman, Hon. Regional Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish once again on behalf of the school welcome you all to this august ceremony. Sandezua, Yi maraaba, WoezƆ,  Akwaaba.

Thank you.

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