Senior Housemaster’s Message

Once again it is time for the Senior Housemaster to render account for steward ship as “the Dean of student affairs”. The word ‘perfect’  is met to be a far get for people but in actual fact, the best, one can achieve is to be nearer to perfection. I would not therefore deceive the public by saying: there is a perfect discipline in the school. I am rather; proud to say that, discipline in Great Akuss has improved drastically. Hardly, does one see students roaming in town or in the market during contact hours of teaching and learning.  Loitering around the dormitories when classes are in session has been reduced to the minimum, if not eliminated completely. This became possible partly due to the construction of the school gate construction of the fence wall and the co-operation effects of the teachers and the Student Task Force. I am hopeful; the P.T.A will also help extend the fence wall to keep the few recalcitrant students on campus. On sanitation, the school has taken a step forward with the provision of a refuse container by Zoom lion. In addition, Zoom lion also teamed up with the school in spraying the school compound with insecticides and weedicides to control mosquitoes, reptiles and insects, which make life unbearable to students especially in the night. We are grateful to the school authorities and the Offinso North District Assembly for their enormous to improve the sanitation in the school. Just like Oliver Twist always asking for more we also do ask for two containers to commensurate the population of the school.

With the introduction of rack suits and sleeveless vests, wearing of non-prescribed pullovers is now a thing of the past. Another area of interest is the introduction of Friday wear . This gives students the opportunity to change their dressing code once a week. Usage of mobile phones on campus is one of the areas that little has been achieved, even though random searching is always done in the dormitories from time to time for non prescribed dress code and mobile phones As the school authorities are gathering ideas on how to fix this problem, I want to appeal to parents to desist from giving mobile phones to their wards to be used in school.

On behalf of the Senior Housemaster and able Housemasters/ Housemistress, I wish to express our profound gratitude to all and sundry, especially the Assisstant Headmistress (Domestic) for moving the school to a higher level as far as discipline is concerned I wish everybody a happy and prosperous new academic year. May the Almighty God bless us?

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