S.R.C Patron’s Report

To God be the glory for the great things he has done for me throughout my three years in office as the S.R.C Patron of this institution. It has not been easy but with the advice from my Headmaster, Mr. Agyapong – Ntra and some constructive criticisms from my well-wishers, I have been able, in collaboration with the various councils over the period achieved a lot of the school. Until recently that the S.C.R dues was increased to GHc 1.00, we never relied on the school for anything. We rather embarked on sponsorship drivers which we always succeeded through the influence of the Headmaster even though our targets were not always met. There are some achievements that cannot be mentioned but some can also be mentioned.

Under the leadership of the President, Prosper Ntsri-Wells, the S.R.C donated to the school a Notice board that is second to none in the region. This came to make dissemination of information easier. It was realized that when parents and guardians visited the school, they did not get to places to sit to have chats with their wards, and tutors also, during their leisure periods hardly find places to relax. Realizing this, the S.R.C under the leadership of President, Akorli- Galley Dennis, donated to the school, ten modern visitors’ seats. Finally, upon hearing my colleague tutors complaining bitterly of their tiredness in using chalk. I advised the current President, Tawiah Thomas to make it his priority to provide the school with White-Marker Boards. We discussed it with our Headmaster who when others were discouraging us rather encouraged us and gave us his blessings. We are not bragging but within just a month after our discussions, the S.C.R has been able to provide thirty (38) White-Marker Boards for thirty-eight classrooms which has really made teaching and learning quite easier and interesting.

I wish I could do more but as the saying goes, “Wishes are not horses”. I will at this point thank the Almighty God for the knowledge and guidance He gave me throughout these years. Many, I know were those who wished otherwise.

My second gratitude goes to the Headmaster, Mr. Akwasi Aygapong –Ntra for his advice and everything. Next is, to Mr. Joseph Nyame for his advice and uncountable contributions throughout these years and also tutors who go in one way or the other to make me strong. Finally, to my dear executives and to all my lovely students. I say, may God richly bless you all?

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